The Twistettes – A Strange Play | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Having already gotten people talking in their first few years together, The Twistettes cemented their status as Glasgow’s resident riot grrl duo with their first full-length album, Jilt The Jive, back in 2016 and have only grown their fanbase since then.

Two years on, they are back to bring something bigger to the fray with their long-awaited follow-up – A Strange Play.

The tracks offered here are packing domineering rhythms, driven by the buzz of fuzzy, distorted bass lines and the pelting of hard-hitting drum beats. Jo is very strident in her harmonies, and when Nicky enters the mix, their dual vocals are properly loud and brash.

A majority of the numbers also feature some insanely good and catchy hooks that are difficult to resist bopping along to, with some notable examples including Hate Hate, Juliette and Selling Skin.

But not every song is your standard adrenaline rush, with particular ones like On The Table and State Of Affairs being on the low-key side and putting more emphasis on the lyrics. On that note, the writing as expected is entertainingly blunt throughout.

After much anticipation, The Twistettes have delivered another cracking record with an addictive raw sound, plenty of attitude and a stronger variety than ever before, perfectly showcasing their evolution as a top-notch act.


Hate Hate, On The Table, State Of Affairs, Selling Skin, Juliette, Weird Me



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