Millie Manders & The Shut Up – Shutup | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Being musically-involved most of her life, London artist Millie Manders has been making a significant name for herself in the British scene over the last 5 years; particularly after getting a band of merry performers together in 2015 to form The Shut Up.

Describing themselves as cross-genre punk, the group has been tearing it between their music and at live shows, and they are getting prepped to release their next EP – Shutup.

From the offset, Millie impresses with a heck of a strong voice, flourishing with power, a wide range and plenty of conviction as she puts forth the writing, which is very poignant and features striking commentary that many people will surely make an immediate connection to.

The rest of the troupe contribute in outstanding fashion, helping to create a sound that is certainly varied – with ska the most obvious influence – being wild, energetic and immensely bouncy, with this owed to a combination of solid riffs, sturdy rhythms and an awesome, blaring brass section.

Shutup is nothing short of a berserk ride with some added substance to make for a sweet listen that never gets old.


Brave, Right To Life, One That Got Away



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