Bell Lungs – Phosphodendrophobia | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


It goes without saying that Scotland offers a diverse music scene, with acts of essentially all kinds, and here we have a case of something that is very different.

Ceylan Hay is a composer who performs under the guise of Bell Lungs, and she is preparing to release her new EP titled Phosphodendrophobia.

The self-created name of the record deprives from an ancient myth based around sleep paralysis, and you do get that sense from the general sound, not just in the title number but throughout.

Ceylan uses a multitude of instruments – ranging from your traditional violins and electric guitars, to other intriguing items like an omnichord and a shruti box – to produce said sound that has a fiercely binding ambience that is atmospheric and transcendental.

She also implements her own voice; whether chanting or seemingly speaking directly to the listener, it’s hypnotic, and you lynch on to every word and every note.

Phosphodendrophobia is on the whole a captivating and even meditative experience that certainly stands out from the pack, and while it’s not going to be for everyone due to its offbeat nature, there is an audience out there that will love to indulge in this alluring trip.


What Has Hardened (Will Never Win), Wonders Will Never Cease, Lysteria Hysteria


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