Vaureen – Extraterra | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Since their debut back in 2011, Brooklyn trio Vaureen have established themselves as one of the standout acts in New York’s underground scene and have received tonnes of praise and recognition in the process.

But what is it about this bunch that is so intriguing and has the attention of many? Well, the answer can be found in their upcoming debut album – Extraterra.

The most distinctive feature of the record is for sure the sound, which can be described in many ways – grand, resonant, absorbing – but it turns out to be tricky to narrow down to a specific genre.

Their music is considerably rocky, yet it has the stunning, atmospheric quality of shoegaze, but it is also grungy, and even somewhat psychedelic. They blend together a mix of elements to create something that is unique and cannot be simply pigeonholed.

Adding to the size of each track is the range of outstanding, unforgettable choruses, with highlights including Run To The Forest, Sixty Shades Of Cray and the fiercely catchy Stare Into The Sun.

Andrea gives us some really sweet riffs, while Marianne plucks out fine bass lines, and the pair team together to deliver some astounding vocals throughout, with Cale completing the package courtesy of his great drumming.

Extraterra is undoubtedly one of the most captivating albums to have emerged this year, coming from an utterly talented group that are not getting enough exposure, to be frank.


Stare Into The Sun, Run To The Forest, Apocalypse II, Sixty Shades Of Cray, Forms Beyond My Own



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