Hail The Sun – Mental Knife | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Going strong for nearly a decade now, California alternative rockers Hail The Sun have built quite the fanbase around the globe, thanks to their music making a substantial mark on people.

Despite this, the guys have had some difficulty trying to develop the exact sound that they were initially searching for, but after 2 records, they feel they have finally been able to achieve what they have desired for so long, and are now set to pull the trigger on their third album – Mental Knife.

A striking feature from the beginning is Donovan’s distinct sharp harmonies, and in combination with some insane screams, he thoroughly impresses in the vocal department overall.

He also dishes out some fiercely intense drumming, and when teamed with the great bass work by Stirrat, they produce some powerful rhythms. Add to that the lashing riffs from Shane and Aric, and you get a collection of dynamic numbers that are upgraded all the more by the fantastic, highly emotional writing.

The third time’s the charm for Hail The Sun, as their latest effort is a roaring success that proves that they are ready to step up to the next level and move on to bigger things.


Feel It When Convenient, The Strangers In Our Pictures, Mental Knife, Risk/Reward, Suffocating Syndrome, A Lesson In Lust



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