Chasing Dragons – Faction | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Leeds quartet Chasing Dragons have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the hottest acts in the British rock scene; in particular, the last two years have seen the band receive a lot of attention and earn some big opportunities.

In the process of this, they have been working hard behind the scenes on the production of their debut album – Faction – and the wait is almost over for it to hit the shelves and the group to truly showcase what they are capable of.

From the offset, they build a sense of hype with the intro, and from there they charge into the chaos for the next 40 minutes, going from strength to strength and stampeding through a barrage of tracks bearing huge, astounding sounds that get the blood rushing all over.

Tank takes the lead, and does she ever live up to her namesake; her brawn voice is large and packing tonnes of vigor, adding so much to the size of their music, and this is only further boosted by Murf and Mitch’s intense backing vocals.

Speaking of which, Murf delivers some hefty bass chords, Mitch’s riffs are off the charts, and Katie thumps out earth-shaking drum beats from end to end. The songs also feature some of the most outstanding and memorable choruses of the year, and the writing is consistently strong, quickly making an impact and sticking in the head not long after the initial listen.

Driven by an overwhelming, never-ending energy from start to finish, Faction is nothing short of phenomenal. Everything hits the mark, and it’s a genuine struggle to pick out any flaws on this, essentially coming as close to perfect as you can get.

Chasing Dragons’ first full-length effort is a sensational triumph, and hands down one of the best records of 2018. For those who have yet to indulge in the experience: brace yourself, you are in for such a treat.


Like Gravity, Bareknuckle Lover, Devil In Her Eyes, Parasite, For Kingdom For Glory, I’m No Devil, We Are The Wall



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