Trookers – The Temporary | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Despite being the most northerly island of the UK and straying far from the mainland, Shetland has proven to harness a lot of musical talent, and the latest discovery comes in the form of pop-rock quartet Trookers, who are fresh off releasing their debut album – The Temporary.

What we get is a very diverse collection of cracking tunes; those with more upbeat melodies that are utterly infectious, some with a laid-back, middle of the road tone but still featuring grabbing hooks, and a selection of numbers that are low-key and focus on showcasing the great writing that the guys have to offer.

The performances throughout are tight, with the guitar work being consistently excellent, the rhythm section really solid and the harmonies always on form.

The Temporary is a top-notch effort that is well made and keeps mixing it up. Trookers have proven that they certainly warrant all our attention.


Maybe, The Temporary, My Heart, Your Heart, Minute Steak, Sister Sister, Birds


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