Jonas & Jane – Sedona Rain | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


It was nearly 3 years ago that Surrey americana duo Jonas & Jane released their last EP, Whispered, which got a lot of people’s attention and made them ones to watch in this country’s scene.

Fast forwarding to today, and the pairing have finally returned with a brand new offering in the form of Sedona Rain.

If you’ve listened to this act before, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Jonas’ smooth vocals perfectly matches up with Jane’s graceful harmonies and they do well sustaining the wonderful melodies of every track.

The acoustics are very nice and the harmonicas splendid. The writing is a notable highlight, which has good emotional value and is engrossing throughout.

As usual, Jonas & Jane have succeeded in creating a record that features a pleasant sound which makes for a lovely listening affair; tailor-made to be enjoyed time and time again.


Don’t Cry For Me, Jumping Ship, Too Little Time


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