Nico G – The Road Book | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Born and bred in Belgium, guitarist Nico G is a traveled veteran who has toured all over the UK, mainland Europe and Canada to demonstrate his craft to anyone willing to give him their attention.

Now based in Scotland, he recently released his second EP – The Road Book – which perfectly showcases what he brings to the table.

A noticeable feature that is persistent through all the pieces is Nico’s ability to take on a range of styles. One minute, he can elicit a lot of energy and produce toe-tapping rhythms – especially prominent in his re-imagining of The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black – the next, he plays it smooth, and at another moment takes it down at a softer tone.

Throughout, his performances are very slick, and the acoustics are pleasing to the ears. On the whole, the Road Book is a nice humble record from a talented fella that makes for a good easy-listening experience.


Paint It Black, From The Beginning, The Wee Blether


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