Chandrian Kill – Bring Out Your Dead | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Man, metal duo Chandrian Kill have been doing alright for themselves, haven’t they? Only entering the scene a couple of months ago, Ted and Nic have made an instant impact and got many fans and journos talking about their debut record – Bring Out Your Dead – but does it really live up to the hype?

Each track features such an indescribably immense sound created by the enforcing riffs and battering drums, not to mention they keep dropping behemoth choruses left and right which are equally awesome.

The vocal work also has quite the range; being soft and swelling one moment, before switching to loud and bombastic at a moment’s notice.

So yes, the buzz is very much warranted. Chandrian Kill’s first effort is a no holds barred affair which is loud, brash and just straight up heavy. This pair harness serious potential, and the world better be ready for what they have to offer next.


I Collide, Filter Off


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