Tenements – What Hasn’t Killed You Is Only Getting Stronger | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


So here we are, the culmination of a long journey for Glasgow post-hardcore outfit Tenements. The five have fought tooth and nail over the last couple of years to push their name in the local scene, and with the release of their debut record – What Hasn’t Killed You Is Only Getting Stronger – they now have a credible platform to do just that.

Right out the gates, they explode into the opening number and instantly yank in the listener, never letting go as they keep the vigorous pace constant without much of a break.

The tracks feature engaging rhythms made up of energetic riffs, potent beats and catchy choruses, with a few in particular donning such infectious hooks that are really memorable and so perfect for any live situation.

We also get to see how Darren has truly come into his own as a frontman as of late, as he nails the harmonies and relays the lyrics through his voice that seeps with angst and passion.

Tenements’ first compilation is a turbulent blitz of adrenaline that is a non-stop rush from start to finish. A worthy effort that has surpassed expectations.


Standing On The Backs Of Angels, The Fear, Permanent, Silhouettes


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