Si Clancy – Lost In The Machine | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Since the release of his debut record back in 2014, Leicester folk-pop artist Si Clancy has been slowly climbing the ranks as one of England’s finest under-the-radar solo talents, having made a statement on stage many-a-time and receiving plenty of radio airplay.

Finally, four years after bringing out his first, Si is ready to send ripples once again with his sophomore EP – Lost In The Machine.

A feature that instantly stands out is Si’s unbelievable voice, which is so sharp, tightly pitched and spans a very wide range, and he utilises this strong tool to deliver a remarkable vocal performance that does wonders in projecting the emotional, connectable writing whichs focuses on the likes of doubt and uncertainty.

On a technical level, the songs are great. The melodies are engaging, and the instrumentations from Si and his fellow band members are terrific, not to mention the boost of a rich production quality is helpful too.

Despite only bearing a trio of tracks, Lost In The Machine makes a staggering impact in such a short duration, and confirms that Si Clancy is indeed a special talent with so much promise.


What It’ll Be, Falling Sideways



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