Mia & The Moon is the project of Leicester sisters Laura & Mary-Anne Ratcliffe, and for years they have been perfecting their craft and entertaining many with their stunning material that blends pop, acoustic and even some elements of gospel. To get a better understanding of the quality that these two are able to provide, then look no further than their most recent album – YLLA.

Beginning the creative process back at the start of the year, they came up with the idea of bringing together relatives, students and even local folk to form a choir and contribute to the record, and did that sure pay off. Whenever featured, this ensemble and their combined harmonies just add a whole other layer, making the songs so much larger and creating this magnetic atmosphere.

As for the tracks themselves, we get a nice variety of upbeat ditties and slower, more emotionally driven pieces, and throughout they never fail to draw in the listener. The ladies’ harmonies are lovely and consistently on form, and both they and their backing band deliver great performances. Capping off all this is the fantastic writing which is very absorbing.

On the whole, a beautiful album with tonnes of charm and elegance; easily the best work from Mia & The Moon to date.


Rose, Dipping My Toes, Wishing I Knew You, California, Radio, Tuppenny


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