Rebecca Radical – 3 Chord Ramblings | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Hailing from Kirkcaldy in Fife, Rebecca Radical is a young artist armed with a three-string guitar, and she just recently put out her debut EP titled 3 Chord Ramblings.

The name of the record pretty much says it all, with each song sounding really off-the-chuff which gives it a real rawness that you rarely see from most acts.

Rebecca is very genuine in her simple yet organic vocals, from which she is able to create nice melodies in conjunction with the few acoustic strings she has to work with, and the lyrics are pretty decent.

Though not particularly complex in any sense of the word, it’s that bare, basic DIY quality that actually makes this an intriguing listen, and clocking in at less than six minutes, there’s no reason not to have a gander. Plus, it’s not often an EP closes with a belch, and a damn fine one at that.


Punk Ideology, Be Brave With Your Life


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