Take Today & Fear Me December – Nice N Sleazy (4.9.18) | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


After years of busting it in the British scene and with the release of their latest EP impending, Fear Me December from Manchester would embark on the biggest tour of their careers so far, joining forces with one of Glasgow brightest young rock acts; Reaction Management roster pals Take Today; and it would all be kicking off in the latter’s hometown at Nice N Sleazy.

The night got off to an interesting start when Valentin of FMD accidently walked into the venue’s female loos and put the blame on the paying fans (jokingly, of course….right?)

With what was a pretty damn sizable crowd for a Tuesday night on hand, opening band WRTHLESS appeared to feed off it and bring a fiesty energy onto the stage, with their tracks being fast and furious.

The riffs were swift, the vocals solid and the drumming was inhumanely awesome, to put it lightly. The guitarist was also giving it his all; soaking in sweat and the veins on his head nearly bursting from the intensity.

A couple of minor iffy moments aside, this was a fun way to get the ball rolling.

Altered Sky were next, with Ana entering in theatrical fashion as she donned a gaslight and a beaked mask, before the rest emerged and unleashed into This War Is Mine.

Their material was great as always, with a nice mix of bouncy melodies and rocking rhythms, particularly from the new stuff which leaned in a much-welcomed heavier direction than ever before. Old favourite Live For It was quite the pleaser too.

Ana reminded us all why she is one of Scotland’s top singers. Amazing voice aside, there are few that can match her sheer charisma and presence; she’s a member of a rare breed.

After the performance they gave, Altered Sky proved that not only were they back, but in better form than ever before. Now begins the wait for their upcoming singles…

Co-headliners Fear Me December followed, and fired straight into Fight Me in wild, turbulent style, and this continued through into Not Wired The Same.

They were riding off a pure power that was non-stop from beginning to end. Whether old or fresh, every track was dynamic, being leaded by smashing dual guitars, Victoria’s sturdy voice and topped off by damn good choruses.

The highlight came when Victoria dedicated their highly personal track This Is Not Ok to fellow blogger Melissa who was perched at front row, and it clearly made a huge impact on her. You don’t get to see special, initimate moments like that at a gig often.

Battling through the venue’s dodgy sound without much of a hinderance, Fear Me December came, entertained and made a batch of new fans in the process, so a successful night for them overall.

After two cracking sets like that, could Take Today keep the pace going and finish the show on a high?

Truthfully, it was a slowburner, but they eventually eased into a groove, and the audience, who were hooked from the start regardless, gradually came to life, broke out of the early week slog and got into it; clapping, cheering and bobbing their heads when prompted.

The guys dished out some enjoyably melodic numbers, with Choices, newbie Threes And Fours, and the catchy as hell Wasting Time just some fine examples to pick from.

A top-notch performance that achieved a well-earned response from those in attendance and capped off a great night chock full of talent that all deserve their fair share of exposure.

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