Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement – Among Servants | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement have been making a killing in their home country of Germany over the past couple of years, but they now seek a different, less instrumental-influenced direction with their upcoming second album – Among Servants.

The tracks are defined by intense, dingy rhythms that lay heavy on the bass, whether slow and brooding, swift and blistering, or just plain bloody insane. The riffs are great, the drumming husky and the vocals switch between gloomy and flat out hostile, depending on the song.

The general sound features a dense, fierce aggression behind it, perfectly reflecting the subject matters that the guys cover in their typically harsh manner.

Among Servants is an unrelenting onslaught that holds nothing back and delivers something that is grim and foreboding in nature, but utterly captivating all the same.


Resistor, Providers, Fire And Fury, Among Servants, Ascension



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