Cascadia Fault Line – Told A Thousand Times | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Deep in the city of Liverpool, a quartet have been quietly making a name for themselves and earning a positive reputation for their talents. They are Cascadia Fault Line, and the source of the praise is their debut LP – Told A Thousand Times.

With each track, the four are able to create a warm, divine atmosphere with a whimsical essence. This mostly stems from Rachael’s enchanting voice, which is also the foundation for the passive melodies featured in every song.

The acoustic and electronic guitars mesh very well and further contribute to the nice sound, while the subtle bass lines and drum beats complete the numbers with smooth, velvety rhythms.

All in all, a delightful little record that is a welcome addition to the collection of any dream pop/shoegaze aficionado out there.


Fire Fly, Paper Stars, Waves, Walking Far


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