The Gracious Losers – The Last Of The Gracious Losers | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


The latest release from the lovely people over at Last Night From Glasgow comes courtesy of country supergroup The Gracious Losers, who have quietly been earning a lot of praise with their debut album – The Last Of The Gracious Losers.

They present a collection of rich, pleasing tunes that entertain with a splendid mixture of wonderful ensemble harmonies, sweet guitars, smooth keys and swelling brass instruments.

There is also a constant diversity between the songs, with some upbeat, others slow and enticing, and perhaps the strongest are those which are soft, heavy on atmosphere and incite tingles down the spine, whilst pulling in with emotional lyrics.

A truly wonderful first record from one of the finest newcomers of the year, a troupe who certainly deserve to have the spotlight shining bright on them.


Little Lamb, Hey I’m Riding Low, Give Your Pain A Name, I Can Never Read The Signs


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