Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain? | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Hailing from Norwich, indie punks Youth Killed It have been working their way up the ranks and gaining notoriety as a stand-out act in the British underground scene as of late, and on the back of the hubbub, they are getting set to pull the trigger on their sophomore record – What’s So Great, Britain?

The quintet fire out a batch of short, snappy tunes running off raw, dynamic rhythms composed from a mixture of sharp riffs, rugged bass lines and hardy drumming, and they keep the energy rolling for more or less the entire duration.

Without a doubt, the defining feature that becomes apparent pretty quickly is the writing, which has to be some of the best of the year, as they tackle several subject matters, such as faltering relationships, hatred for the day job, animosity between others, and financial suffering.

Themes like those are (unfortunately) quite relatable in this country – particular in the current politic climate that we exist in – and because of this closeness to home, the writing is very easy to connect with. It stems from the head of outspoken frontman Jack Murphy; whose brash and bitter vocal performances convey the lyrics impeccably.

What’s So Great, Britain is a bloody brilliant album that is not only entertaining from a musical standpoint but is candid in the messages it aims to put across, and for that, it is sure to strike a nerve with many.


0121, No Money, No Monday, Already Dead, The Getaway, Headbutt, Great British Summer



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