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Carla J Easton has undoubtedly established herself as one of Glasgow’s busiest musicians. On top of a successful career thus far highlighted by a lauded debut album, she has also fronted the similarly praised TeenCanteen, collaborated with Stina of Honeyblood fame, contributed to the most recent Belle & Sebastian EP, and is set to feature in a documentary centred around all-female bands.

Very busy, indeed, but there’s no rest of the wicked as she gears up to release her sophomore solo record – Impossible Stuff – which may just be her finest work yet, and then some.

Instantly standing out is Carla’s outstanding voice. Her harmonies are simply astonishing as she hits every note with pitch-perfect precision and expresses slews of emotions, and she uses this to her advantage to drive the captivating melodies, in addition to conveying the engaging writing.

Also prominent is the grandiose sound sustained through the entire course of the album. It’s simply breath-taking, formed from an assortment of instruments with a symphonic essence in mind that enraptures the listener and gets their hairs standing on end, and they will only be drawn in further by the great choruses, which are highlighted by immersive hooks.

With an artist you know is good, you tend to enter a record with high expectations in mind, but this is a case where said expectations have been blown out the water. It’s really, really difficult to put into words just how amazing Impossible Stuff is.

It’s such an unbelievable experience that is utterly engrossing, headed by one of the most unreal vocal performances to have been heard in recent memory. If there are any flaws, then they are barely distinguishable; this is more or less perfect.

This record is a tremendous achievement and a serious contender for best of the year. If this does not lead to bigger things for Carla, then it will be nothing short of a travesty. She is one of the country’s brightest music talents, and deserves everything coming her way; no ifs, no buts.


Milk & Honey, Wanting What I Can’t Have, Vagabond, Impossible Stuff, Girl From Before, Meet Me In Paris



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