Small Single Spotlight – Issue #3


Edinburgh musician Leo Bargery is preparing to add yet another EP to his continuously growing discography – This Must Mean Something Awful, available 13th October – and we get our first preview courtesy of this lead single.

This is undeniably one of his most mature tracks to date. Leo’s mellow vocals are filled with emotion, the acoustics are subtle and there is a real atmosphere that forms in the air as it progresses.

Add to that some strong writing, and you have yourself a very fine number from a talented, constantly evolving chap.


They may not have been around too long and have only got a couple of tunes to their name so far, but this Edinburgh electronic act have quickly made an impression, and their upcoming third single continues to perfectly showcase their talents.

Naturally, this is a catchy song that fires the listener up with sharp harmonies, a large sound and magnetic beat, with a blistering chorus being the sweet cherry on top.




The Surrey pop rockers further fuel the excitement for their next EP with another great track that is driven by a rhythm with a non-stop, highly spirited energy.

Other highlights of the single include a fiery vocal performance, and some stand out, emotionally pulling lyrics that many will easily connect with.


Manchester hard rock quartet got a tonne of folk excited when they revealed they had a new EP on the horizon, and they’ve given us a first taste of it with the titular lead single.

They go all in with a menacing-sounding track led by Kitty’s enjoyably scowling vocals, and the backing harmonies lend an extra hand stylishly. In addition, the writing is a lot of fun, the guitars are great and the rhythm section is damn good.


Emerging from out of nowhere to charge his way up the iTunes RnB chart, the self-proclaimed future-soul artist from Huddersfield delivers one of the most stellar debut singles of 2018, firing out with brilliant harmonies, presenting gripping lyrics and giving us a sound that is just engrossing.

A superb number that only gets better with every hit of the play button, from a fella who has quickly shown off huge potential.


This Salford post-punk group have been heralded as ones to watch from various sources, and it’s understandable, judging by their latest offering.

Opening with a grabbing intro and led by a tight bass-packed rhythm, the track exhibits firm harmonies, cool guitar work, a heck of a drum beat and a memorable chorus punctuated by hooking lyrics.


The title number of the Milan new wave/shoegaze act’s latest album is a doozy, with a trippy sound accentuated by the kaleidoscopic guitars and carried by sleek vocals and a good beat, but it suddenly takes a turn in the chorus and goes in a heavier direction, cranking up the riffs in the process, and it’s pulled off surprisingly well.


Originally hailing from New York and currently based in London, indie rock band Tiger Mimic are quickly becoming one of the best newcomers to emerge from the city, and they are fresh off releasing their new single, the title track of their upcoming Elephant Skeleton EP.

Smooth verses spotlighted by neat bass chords eventually push into sweet choruses. The dual harmonies click together well, the guitars are great and the drumming provides a catchy beat.

Predicting that these guys will become ones to watch quite quickly.


The Glaswegian pop-punk newbies have been creating a lot of buzz in a short space of time, and it’s easy to see why based on their most recent single.

The verses are calm and feature soft vocals, but they suddenly drop into energetic choruses that are highlighted by fervent singing, solid writing and great riffs aplenty.


Without a doubt one of the hardest working artists in Glasgow as of late, Petra recently presented us with this single, a delightful little ditty with very elegant vocals and nice writing, not to mention a very bluesy tone that is only made more abundantly obvious with the sharp and sweet harmonicas added in.

Vodun – Ascend | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


We are all spoiled by the amount of great records that are released over the course of a year, but once in a while, something extra special comes along and makes a lasting impact.

Case in point: London afro-metal trio Vodun, who recently put out their second full-length album – Ascend.

It becomes quickly clear that all the tunes are tied together under numerous themes of a similar nature, such as the pride of and link to family heritage, overcoming adversity, and fighting back suffering at the hands of other powers that force you and/or your loved ones into a repulsive situation.

It is all very poignant, hard-hitting stuff, and ranks among the best and most significant writing in recent memory, and even through the negative subjects, they are ultimately able to promote positivity; often through the tribal messages that bridge many of the songs.

Performance-wise, the three musicians are incredible. The vocals are utterly powerful and pack a tonne of power and spirit, the riffs are blinding, and the drumming is vividly intense. With these qualities unified, the group deliver tracks that are just massive, energetic and usually featuring insanely good choruses.

From both a musical and lyrical standpoint, Ascend is simply phenomenal, and will go down as one of 2018’s pivotal albums.


Started From, Spirits Past, New Doom, Elusive Freedom, Rituals, Time Honoured


Kitfai – The Things You Left Us | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


For the better part of the last 5 years, Oslo alternative pop-rockers Kitfai have been working hard to make something of themselves, and after a while on the grind, they are getting set to release their debut full-length album – The Things You Left Us.

Leading the charge is Bodil on vocals, whose harmonies are consistently fluent and vibrant throughout the record, and she gets the emotions across pretty well.

The tunes are generally catchy and have a good beat to them, thanks to the solid dual riffs and energetic rhythms the guys dish out, although there is also a fair share of numbers of a softer tone which are just as magnetic.

Completed by some fine writing, this is a worthy effort from a quintet who may very well become a notable mainstay in northern Europe down the line.


Better, The Mountain, Something Real, Fall, Carefree



Millie Manders & The Shut Up – Shutup | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Being musically-involved most of her life, London artist Millie Manders has been making a significant name for herself in the British scene over the last 5 years; particularly after getting a band of merry performers together in 2015 to form The Shut Up.

Describing themselves as cross-genre punk, the group has been tearing it between their music and at live shows, and they are getting prepped to release their next EP – Shutup.

From the offset, Millie impresses with a heck of a strong voice, flourishing with power, a wide range and plenty of conviction as she puts forth the writing, which is very poignant and features striking commentary that many people will surely make an immediate connection to.

The rest of the troupe contribute in outstanding fashion, helping to create a sound that is certainly varied – with ska the most obvious influence – being wild, energetic and immensely bouncy, with this owed to a combination of solid riffs, sturdy rhythms and an awesome, blaring brass section.

Shutup is nothing short of a berserk ride with some added substance to make for a sweet listen that never gets old.


Brave, Right To Life, One That Got Away



Bell Lungs – Phosphodendrophobia | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


It goes without saying that Scotland offers a diverse music scene, with acts of essentially all kinds, and here we have a case of something that is very different.

Ceylan Hay is a composer who performs under the guise of Bell Lungs, and she is preparing to release her new EP titled Phosphodendrophobia.

The self-created name of the record deprives from an ancient myth based around sleep paralysis, and you do get that sense from the general sound, not just in the title number but throughout.

Ceylan uses a multitude of instruments – ranging from your traditional violins and electric guitars, to other intriguing items like an omnichord and a shruti box – to produce said sound that has a fiercely binding ambience that is atmospheric and transcendental.

She also implements her own voice; whether chanting or seemingly speaking directly to the listener, it’s hypnotic, and you lynch on to every word and every note.

Phosphodendrophobia is on the whole a captivating and even meditative experience that certainly stands out from the pack, and while it’s not going to be for everyone due to its offbeat nature, there is an audience out there that will love to indulge in this alluring trip.


What Has Hardened (Will Never Win), Wonders Will Never Cease, Lysteria Hysteria


The Twistettes – A Strange Play | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Having already gotten people talking in their first few years together, The Twistettes cemented their status as Glasgow’s resident riot grrl duo with their first full-length album, Jilt The Jive, back in 2016 and have only grown their fanbase since then.

Two years on, they are back to bring something bigger to the fray with their long-awaited follow-up – A Strange Play.

The tracks offered here are packing domineering rhythms, driven by the buzz of fuzzy, distorted bass lines and the pelting of hard-hitting drum beats. Jo is very strident in her harmonies, and when Nicky enters the mix, their dual vocals are properly loud and brash.

A majority of the numbers also feature some insanely good and catchy hooks that are difficult to resist bopping along to, with some notable examples including Hate Hate, Juliette and Selling Skin.

But not every song is your standard adrenaline rush, with particular ones like On The Table and State Of Affairs being on the low-key side and putting more emphasis on the lyrics. On that note, the writing as expected is entertainingly blunt throughout.

After much anticipation, The Twistettes have delivered another cracking record with an addictive raw sound, plenty of attitude and a stronger variety than ever before, perfectly showcasing their evolution as a top-notch act.


Hate Hate, On The Table, State Of Affairs, Selling Skin, Juliette, Weird Me



Vaureen – Extraterra | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Since their debut back in 2011, Brooklyn trio Vaureen have established themselves as one of the standout acts in New York’s underground scene and have received tonnes of praise and recognition in the process.

But what is it about this bunch that is so intriguing and has the attention of many? Well, the answer can be found in their upcoming debut album – Extraterra.

The most distinctive feature of the record is for sure the sound, which can be described in many ways – grand, resonant, absorbing – but it turns out to be tricky to narrow down to a specific genre.

Their music is considerably rocky, yet it has the stunning, atmospheric quality of shoegaze, but it is also grungy, and even somewhat psychedelic. They blend together a mix of elements to create something that is unique and cannot be simply pigeonholed.

Adding to the size of each track is the range of outstanding, unforgettable choruses, with highlights including Run To The Forest, Sixty Shades Of Cray and the fiercely catchy Stare Into The Sun.

Andrea gives us some really sweet riffs, while Marianne plucks out fine bass lines, and the pair team together to deliver some astounding vocals throughout, with Cale completing the package courtesy of his great drumming.

Extraterra is undoubtedly one of the most captivating albums to have emerged this year, coming from an utterly talented group that are not getting enough exposure, to be frank.


Stare Into The Sun, Run To The Forest, Apocalypse II, Sixty Shades Of Cray, Forms Beyond My Own