From Inside – When I’m Breathing Without You | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Suddenly exploding onto the scene in early 2017, Liverpool alternative metal quartet From Inside have established themselves as one of the fastest rising acts in the British underground, and to continue their ongoing success, they are preparing to unleash their sophomore EP to the world – When I’m Breathing Without You.

It’s almost a certainty that listeners will be grabbed in an instant and won’t dare hit the stop button until it ends. The tracks on offer elicit utterly massive sounds fuelled by great riffs and bombastic rhythms, igniting an immense energy further heightened by the sweet electronics, as well as the ballistic drops thrown out now and again.

The vocals are insanely good, being so fiery and seeping with fierce mallice, perfectly conveying the writing which is engrossing through it all; particularly in the closer Tearing At The Seams, where they strip it back and give us a warm, piano-driven number that embraces with the emotive lyrics on show.

When I’m Breathing Without You is simply phenomenal, a record as close to a 5 star classic as it comes, where they go balls to the wall and give it everything they have got to deliver something seriously special; hands down one of the best UK metal records of 2018.


You / I, Helpless, I Need To Feel Alive



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