Spoke Too Soon – Standing On The Edge | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


When it comes to Scottish pop punk, Spoke Too Soon are usually one of the first bands that come to mind. The quintet have been going since as far back as 2011, and are well versed in providing some top notch live performances at whatever gig they happen to show up at.

As busy as they are, it’s been quiet on the record-making front for so long, with it being half a decade since the release of their debut EP, but now they are finally back in action and getting ready to launch the much-anticipated follow-up – Standing On The Edge.

Each track on offer boasts a bright, buzzing melody with a zealous energy behind them that repeatedly lend to really catchy choruses. The harmonies are on solid form throughout, the riffs are great, and the bass-laden rhythms are nothing short of absolutely bouncing.

As expected, this is an insanely stimulating joyride that should provide enjoyment to anybody within hearing distance.


What You Really Want, Yesterday



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