Black Water Chemistry – Return To Ashes | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


The country of Wales has been making a killing in terms of upcoming music acts over the last few years – Junior, Holding Absence, Dream State; to name a few – and another band are looking to rank themselves along this elite.

Newport metalcore quintet Black Water Chemistry have been running for 4 years and impressing everywhere they go. Now their attention turns to the release of their sophomore EP – Return To Ashes.

What they give us is a collection of seriously whopping, high-impact tracks that punch the wind out of the body. Matt takes charge with relentless, resonating vocals; amplified by the rest of the guys providing back-up in that department.

Completing the tunes are rugged riffs courtesy of Chris and Murph, and persistently fierce rhythms from Gizz and Dan. The writing is blunt, and while slipping down in one or two spots, the energy is intoxicating at its optimum.

Return To Ashes is a cracking second record with a clear amount of effort and passion behind it. Black Water Chemistry may very well be ones to watch.


Oracles, Return To Ashes



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