The Survival Code – Hopelessness Of People | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


It’s been a turbulent past couple of years for long-running London rockers The Survival Code. After a lifetime of internal issues, Gary and Tom have decided to go it as a duo, which would usually be a risky task, but they have pulled it off with not even the slightest hiccup as they get set to deliver their next, highly anticipated album – Hopelessness Of People – which immediately grabs with a cover so simple yet so striking.

Even when limited to two instruments, the guys still manage to produce some large, exciting tracks that are owed to the combination of dynamic riffs from Gary and punchy drum beats from Tom. Adding to these tunes are tenacious vocals and superb choruses, which are more often than not seriously catchy, and the writing tends to hit the mark too.

A great record with a non-stop energy that serves as a return to form for The Survival Code, even if said form is down a head.


Crawl, Along The Way, This Time Around, Take It As It Is, Not Working, Integrity



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