Anton & The Colts – No End Of The Line | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Since debuting in 2014, the Glaswegian quartet Anton & The Colts have quietly been making a name for themselves as one of the city’s finest local blues rock acts, and it becomes pretty clear just why these lads have that kind of notoriety after listening to their debut full-length release – No End Of The Line.

In no time at all, leading man Anton establishes himself as a capable vocalist, with plenty of conviction and emotion pushing through every lyric. Also constant is the very slick guitar work courtesy of Roscoe, and the pairing of John and Dillon complete the puzzle with fine bass lines and drumming respectively.

They enlist the help of others for particular tracks too, with the stand outs being Anne Dunlop and her terrific supporting harmonies, and Pedro Cameron providing a boost with fiddle in tow. The performances of all involved would be all for naught if the writing wasn’t as strong as it is, consistently pulling in the listening audience with a relatable, heartfelt sentimentality.

All in all, a sterling record delivered by a talented group of humble folk who certainly deserves some extra attention for their endeavours.


My Favourite Song, My Black Dog & Me, Alright, Weekend Millionaire, Gypsy Heart


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