Fear Me December – Crystallized | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Since moving to England from Argentina back in 2014, Victoria and Valentin have busted their butts to make their band, Fear Me December, a success. Their first full-length album, Between Violence and Silence, earned them plenty of praise when released in 2016, but that was only the beginning.

2 years on, having recruited Stuart on the guitar and Tony behind the kit since, they are looking to step it up to the next level with their next EP – Crystallized.

Victoria drives the melodies with her bewitching voice and lets the emotions flow as she brings the deeply personal lyrics to life. The tunes are further highlighted by the consistently fervent dueling guitars, punchy drumming and catchy, impacting choruses.

Crystallized is easily Fear Me December’s finest work to date; certainly a satisfying payoff for their trials and tribulations. They have delivered a highly entertaining set of fun, heavy tracks that are only accentuated by the intimate and immersive writing.


Not Wired The Same, Fight Me, Crystallized



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