Calm For The Restless – Finish What You Started | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Triggered by a spark of inspiration over a decade ago, Hertfordshire rockers Calm For The Restless have been on the go for 5 years now and have enjoyed previous success with a pair of EPs, but now they undertake their biggest challenge yet as they prepare to deliver their first full-length release, Finish What You Started.

They crash out the gates with a blistering intro, and from there, it’s a non-stop thrill ride. Leon is a superb frontman with a prime voice which he employs and masters to his advantage, as he dishes out robust vocals left and right with the greatest of ease.

The dual riffs from Tom and Martin are consistently dynamic, and when linked with the tight rhythms produced by Mark on bass and Mike behind the drums, they produce a selection of wild, heart-stopping tracks that are highlighted by immense choruses.

They even continue to shine when they lower it down for the few entries that are more subdued and stripped back, which have a drawing power in their own right thanks to the emotional writing on display.

Finish What You Started is something truly special, being one of those rare albums to come out this year that stands at a continual high quality from end to end, with very little flaws to speak of and donning an insane energy that is so infectious.

Calm For The Restless are an incredible group that deserved to be exposed to a wider audience, because it would be a massive shame to imagine those out there not being able to indulge in the luxury of their evident talents.


I’m A Lion, We Need To Wake Up, Rogues, Chase A Life, Years




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