Hotel Mira – Hotel Mira | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


It wasn’t too long ago that Vancouver alternative rock outfit JPNSGRLS underwent a transformation and became the three-piece known as Hotel Mira, and since then, it seems that they have a newfound freshness and motivation.

Following months of preparation and an array of singles to satisfy those in waiting, they have finally brought us their highly anticipated first EP under this banner.

Long-time fans of JPNSGRLS will be glad to know that the many qualities that made the band entertaining are present here, and more refined than ever before, it must be said. Charlie Kerr continues to be a remarkably charismatic frontman, thanks to a fusion of robust harmonies and the ability to project emotion through his deliveries so well.

The new kids on the block certainly shine here too, with superb and divergent riffs from Colton Lauro and pulsating bass tones courtesy of Mike Noble. At the core of it all is the writing, which is consistently transfixing and allows for each song to stand on their own and express provoking stories.

Overall, a brilliant record that is engaging and diverse, and has proven Hotel Mira as a must-see act in Canada’s underground music scene.


3 AM Lullaby, Baby, Stockholm, Ginger Ale


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