The Goatboy – It’s Not Regret, It’s Worse Than That | SMALL MUSIC SCENE



The Goatboy is the Perth-based amalgamation of four musicians with prior experience in the local scene who got together to play some grunge music, and the result of that is a demo EP entitled It’s Not Regret, It’s Worse Than That.

The vocals are sturdy and the grubby rhythms are overall pretty bulky, especially when they crank it up to the more aggressive stuff e.g. that catchy as hell chorus of JULIAN.

The lyrical work ain’t half bad, and there’s also a solid production scale that’s more than what you would regularly expect from a demo.

This is a very fine first go that easily gets a recommendation and a want for more from these chaps. Hopefully this is only a sample of what they are capable of.


JULIAN, Bookshelves, It’s Not Regret It’s Worse Than That

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