Melisa Kelly & The Smokin’ Crows – Devil’s Luck | SMALL MUSIC SCENE



The wonderful thing about the Scottish music scene is its sheer diversity, with many options to choose from that cover all genres. Blues is no exception, and there are few groups that do it as well as Melisa Kelly & The Smokin’ Crows from Glasgow, who are fresh off releasing their debut full-length album – Devil’s Luck.

Naturally at the forefront is Melisa herself, who is a heck of a soul singer. Her voice is powerful and features such a broad range. She also displays quite the personality that changes depending on the song. One moment, she can be assertive and jaunty, the next she’s warm, and in yet another she could be spilling her emotions. No matter the situation, she has a drawing power that is simply magnetic.

As talented as she is, she is only further elevated by her Smokin Crows entourage. The blend of fluent backing harmonies, flashy guitars, nice keys, utterly catchy rhythms and a fiercely enticing brass section help bring the tracks to an appealing life.

There is a strong variety to the material itself. The likes of the upbeat I’m The Boss, the bouncy All For You and especially the exciting, old-school I Won’t Give Up On You are tonnes of fun, but as touched upon earlier, there are a selection of numbers that are more low-key and sentimental, such as Break Of The Dawn, It’s Not Me, It’s You and particularly the minimalist and chilling Day Of The Dead.

This is a terrific and highly entertaining record showcasing the talents of a very proficient group who definitely do not deserve to fly under the radar; they’re just too good to be ignored.


I Won’t Give Up On You, I’m The Boss, All Of You, Day Of The Dead, Break Of The Dawn

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