Shredd – Eat Your Enemy | SMALL MUSIC SCENE



In early 2017, Cumbernauld fuzzy garage trio Shredd made a strong first impression with their debut EP, Everytime We Meet I Want To Die.

In the short space of time since, they have built one hell of a following and emerged as one of Scotland’s fastest rising acts, and just recently, they further cemented their name with the highly anticipated sequel – Eat Your Enemy.

Each song is propelled by soaring, blood-rushing rhythms that are built from a combination of wailing harmonies, exhilarating riffs, punchy basslines and stable drumming. What they lack in variety, they more than make up for by sticking to an enormous sound and properly excelling at it.

Bookended by Prisoner quotes, Shredd’s sophomore compilation is beyond insane. It’s a seriously wild ride that is just plain exciting, and hands down one of the best Scottish EPs of the year.

These guys are only getting better and better, and if they’re good at this current stage, then we’re in for quite the treat for whatever they have planned for the future.


The Cave, What’s This I See, In My Head

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