“8-bit Rap Metal Pop”. On the surface, that sounds like an odd, and even stupid, combination. But alas, an Edinburgh fella by the name of Martin Inches (Minches) came out of virtually nowhere and made that a reality with his debut EP, titled…well, Ep.

As you would probably expect from this genre, the loosest of loose genres, the tunes are really varied and go back and forth between rocking with heavy rhythms and sporting light, bouncy melodies.

As bizarre as these mixtures are, they actually help to create songs which are constantly inventive and notably catchy, whether it’s the fast-paced Slumberjack, the hooking Gaff or the insanely infectious Something Decent; not to mention, Martin shows a lot of character through his eccentric vocals.

For some tracks, he managed to enlist the help of Katieanne Gibson, Stephanie Robertson, and even one of Ayrshire’s premier bands Twin Heart, and each play their allocated parts pretty damn well.

Entering with absolutely no idea what to expect, Minches’ project is a peculiar breath of fresh air in the Scottish scene. While far from the greatest thing ever made and not always hitting the mark in spots, it shines through with an originality and an experimental quality that is so rarely seen, and at the end of the day, it’s just a load of fun, even if it’ll undoubtedly not be everybody’s cup of tea.


Something Decent, Slumberjack, The Gaff, Backwards Backwards, Caked In Diamonds

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