REVIEW | Mantis Toboggan – The Cosmic Omnishambles


Glasgow is loaded with acts chock full of talent, but there are few with such character as the trippy funk/rock/bizarre-in-general quartet Mantis Toboggan. The guys have been making the rounds for a few years, entrancing anyone who comes within earshot with their oddness, but they never had a proper record to their name.

But this all changed with the release of The Cosmic Omnishambles, an album that details the most outlandish of intergalactic adventures in deep space.

After the coolest of intros in Mission Command, they fire straight into the action with The End Is Extremely F***ing Nigh, pumping with energy and headed by delightfully grungy riffs. Please Prove You’re Human steadies the pace, while Chrispy digs deep and blurts out some hearty vocals. The Implication is definitely a lot slower, but it’s here that the writing gets to bloom.

The speed is punched back up for Landmines Of Stress, featuring a great rhythm and nice dual harmonies. The guitars are supremely delicious in Ouroboros Rex, and The Wormhole allows for a reprieve before they fire back into their usual shenanigans with the heavily bass-driven Living On Borrowed Time.

The classic I’m Good is heightened by Chrispy’s performance and some fine drumming, while the lyrics are at the forefront for the bouncy Weekend In Amsterdam and the frantically fast Grief Dealer. Following the utterly catchy Spaceman Spiff, they finish off with the meaty Desert Son, which commences in a leisurely manner, before blasting off into a wild second half.

When I had envisioned a Mantis Toboggan album, this is more or less what I had hoped for. The Cosmic Omnishambles is weird, kooky and eccentric, but pretty damn entertaining all the same.

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