REVIEW | Black King Cobra – Law Of Attraction



Until a couple of months ago, I was never aware of Glasgow groove rock quartet Black King Cobra. It wasn’t until I witnessed them supporting the mighty Mason Hill at King Tuts that I came to realise that I had been missing out on some seriously talented folk. The insane reaction from the sold out crowd that night was enough to convince me that this lot were something special.

While they continue to ride quite the wave of momentum, they are in the process of getting ready to prove what they are made of with the release of their new record – Law Of Attraction.

Harvest Moon is a sound opener, defined by a cool chorus, crisp vocals and some nice riffs, which they go all out with towards the end. Afterwards, the solid Shiver moves at more of a smooth, laid-back pace and has a decent rhythm to it. Ball And Chain isn’t too different in that regard, but it’s certainly catchier, with some deep bass lines and even better writing added to it.

They suddenly flip the dial for Quake, which is packing a fiercely infectious energy that was honestly lacking beforehand, and this is accentuated by the mixture of fast and furious guitars, tight harmonies and an intensity that only builds and builds as they charge towards a wild conclusion to cap off the EP on a damn satisfying high.

Black King Cobra’s latest effort is a good one. The tracks are a tonne of fun, and when they step it up to another level, it’s real exciting stuff. Although not always clicking in a few spots, this is nonetheless a snippet of the huge potential that these guys are capable of.

Law Of Attraction is worth indulging in, and if they continue to improve upon their already proficient talents, then Black King Cobra are in for a hell of a future, and all the better for rock fans out there who deserve some quality material from acts of this nature.


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