REVIEW | Northern Nightlights – In This For The Long Haul


Nearly half a decade old and still going strong, Glasgow pop-punk quintet Northern Nightlights have been getting consistently better with age, and that’s no more apparent than with their upcoming third EP – In This For The Long Haul.

Colours Fade makes for a great opener, as it’s got a fast pace to it, especially in the verses which have a real pulse. In addition, Paul wastes little time in delivering some firm vocals. Sorry Gifts is pretty solid, and is highlighted by a rousing, catchy chorus.

Sup is hands down the stand out track, going full-frontal with a heavy, boisterous rhythm that is intoxicating, further amplified by the hearty dual-harmonies on display. They keep that heat rolling into the closing title number, which is again very raucous and stocked with fiery riffs from start to finish.

Northern Nightlights had a bit of a tough act to follow with their previous release, but they’ve been successful here. In This For The Long Haul is a jam-packed bundle of tracks with an avid energy that make for undeniably fun listening.


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