REVIEW | Hell’s Gazelles – Take Your Medicine



Over 2 years ago, Oxford hard rock quartet Hell’s Gazelles burst onto the scene and were swift to make an impact, garnering plenty of attention with their self-titled debut release back in 2016.

Since then, the guys have went on to support quite the decent line-up of bands, such as The Treatment and Black Moth, and played some major shows that includes the likes of Bloodstock and the Hard Rock Hell roadtrip.

So now that they have set themselves a standard, the band are getting ready to make that important step up to the next level with a brand new record entitled Take Your Medicine.

Before we go into the music itself, I have to give a special shout to Luke at Very Metal Art for the cover, hands down one of the coolest, most striking album artworks I have seen all year that plain kicks ass.

The guys get the ball rolling with Give Me Something, and this is what you call an opener. It has such a charged energy and the chorus is really hooking, especially with the ensemble of “woah’s” thrown in, not to mention the lyrics are great, being very blunt and profane as they tackle the subject of dissatisfaction in the mundane reality we are forced to live in.

They keep that same power going in Stone Cold, a song all about cutting loose ties. Cole’s voice packs a hefty punch and Nath’s riffs are mighty good. Out Of Time is driven by a solid, hard-hitting rhythm, with the focal point of the track coming as they fire up the tempo at the halfway point.

They focus on mental health in the title number, which might just be the best of the lot; really fast-paced, really wild and really catchy, plus the guitars get another chance to shine through and stimulate the senses. Finally, they cap off with the more simple yet still entertaining and anti-romantic She Devil.

Now this is what I’m talking about. Take Your Medicine is a quintessential rock record, for it’s fun, enjoyable and such a mad rush that any old rocker can get joy from headbanging along to.

But it’s more than that. There is actually a fair amount of substance behind it, with plenty of mature and varied writing showcased between the five tracks that help to give each their own qualities that’ll make you remember them.

Hell’s Gazelles came highly recommended to myself, and there’s no surprise as to why, and in turn, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this EP when it drops.


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