REVIEW | Hypnosister – Hypnosister

hypnosister ep front small

Over a year ago, Damian Hughes stepped down as guitarist of one of Leeds’ finest acts, Allusondrugs, and would go on to form a brand new solo project titled Hypnosister, under the self-proclaimed banner of space pop.

It didn’t take him long for him to gain traction. Following the release of only a few tracks, he earned himself plenty of praise, and after spending loads of time in the studio, he would come out with an eponymous debut EP, one that boasts some seriously positive results.

He launches from 0 to 60 instantly as he kicks off with his strongest piece, Poorly Boy, which is packing a hell of an energy, and features easily the most poignant and upfront writing of the lot, throwing shade towards the country’s health system that let his good friend down and ultimately cost him his life.

Although he delivers his best first, this doesn’t mean the rest of the record falls flat; on the contrary, actually. Next up is his debut single Bother, which is a little more simple and cooler in pace, but it does have an engaging chorus. He takes it lower still for Breath, which runs on a silky smooth, transcendent melody that allows for Damian to take centre stage with warm harmonies and good lyrics on offer.

He kicks it back up again for Ghost, another track that is straightforward at it’s core, but goddamn is it catchy, with a hook that is just oh so sweet, while I’m Going To Die has a bouncy rhythm, with some flashes of cool riffs spread out.

Finally, Scribbles perfectly captures the essence of Damian’s described space pop, being really odd and abstract, and for sure otherworldly, and it only gets weirder as it goes on, on the whole making for a superb way to close out the EP.

A year on from leaving the nest and aiming to carve his own path, Damian’s debut under Hypnosister is nothing short of excellent, with a selection of tracks that are defined by an intriguing sound, including a few in particular that really stand out and make a permanent mark. Damian clearly has all the tools to become one of the UK’s next breakout solo artists, and I’m excited to see what he’ll bring us next down the line.


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