REVIEW | You Know The Drill – Selfhood

YKTD Artwork Selfhood_preview

The British pop punk scene has been on fire this year so far, and it’s only set to get better as Birmingham quartet You Know The Drill prepare to throw their hat into the ring with their forthcoming EP – Selfhood.

Overcast is a strong opener with a fresh energy and stand out lyrics that are instantly ingrained in the listener’s head. They power forth with Homesick, carried by the mix of driving drums and a punchy bassline.

The tempo only escalates moving into Suspect, where the writing is once again the prominent facet. Blossoms goes the acoustic route and it is pretty engaging, especially with great vocals taking charge at the forefront.

They cap off with lead single Snake Eyes, the very song that has been getting many hooked on the band recently, and for good reason. It’s a heavy, fast and furious flux that closes out the record on the highest of notes.

Selfhood is one of the tightest releases to come from the genre as of late, and it surely won’t be long before You Know The Drill emerge as key players in UK pop punk.

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