REVIEW | Veto – Where Does It Go?


While regularly playing shows here and there, Glasgow ensemble Veto have been really quiet on the record-making front for a few years. That is until recently, when they finally had a new EP for us, being Where Does It Go?

It starts off solidly with Break The Cycle, which has a fair amount of energy to it. Losing ramps it up a little, with more power in particular behind the guitars and drumming.

While short, Hate Breeds Hate is for sure the best on offer; a frantic rhythm, sublime bass and Lewis giving it his all as he busts out with fervid vocals. Pinky is decent, although admittedly it does go on a bit long, but they do recover with the adequate Golden.

Where Does It Go is, for the most part, a welcome return for Veto. While a little lacking in spots, it will no doubt please those who enjoy their fair share of emo.

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