REVIEW | The Slyde – Awakening


It’s pretty obvious by this point that Canada has produced a range of cracking metal acts, and the latest to come into the radar is The Slyde from Toronto, veterans of the game for nearly a decade who are fresh off releasing their biggest album yet – Awakening.

Following a short intro, they get going with Walk With Me, structurally simple enough but really energetic, topped off by a thrilling solo. In Silence is led by passionate vocals throughout, the writing really shines in the thoroughly engaging These Wars and Awakening itself packs a sizable punch.

So Blind is an essential headbanger with its fast and frenzied pace, and Fading delves in a similar fashion with unreal riffs as a bonus. Join The Parade features a very memorable chorus, in addition to nice flashes of bass work.

Divide returns to a more elementary style, but oh man is it catchy, and the ensemble harmonies work so well, and eventually Back Again finishes off the record nicely.

Awakening is a hell of a wild ride, one that never gets tiring. Definitely one of the most exciting metal albums I’ve come across this year, which has me questioning why in the blue hell are these four not at a bigger stage by this point?

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