REVIEW | Soft Science – Maps


It’s always a joyous feeling coming across a band you have never heard of before and instantly being made a fan. The most recent case of this – Sacramento dream pop band Soft Science, whose new album Maps has been gaining some attention, and deservedly so.

Undone is an excellent way to start, as we get the first showing of Katie’s eloquent voice. Breaking is a catchy piece, especially with its dashing electronic melody, and the bass lines are utterly lush in Diverging.

The guitars prove to be sweet in both There and Apart, the chorus stands out in Sooner, and Know is carried by a toe-tapping drum beat. Still is really upbeat, Enough is nothing short of enchanting and they close out with the awfully nice Slip.

Maps is one of the most enthralling, well compiled dream pop records to come out as of late; a worthwhile product from a worthwhile discovery.

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