REVIEW | Nuclear Club – Pop Psych


Nuclear Club are a Glasgow act that have regularly cropped up in my sights. I dabbled in their first EP a number of times, and I did get the chance to see them live supporting Halflives at Bloc last year. This past month, they release their debut full-length album – Pop Psych – and with previous experiences of them being positive, it was worth the gander.

Among the grab-bag of songs, a number definitely stand out from the pack. Rapture/Ready is highlighted by a straightforward yet entertaining rhythm, Who Goes There dons a cool drum beat and certainly rocks more of an energy. The warm sound of Constant Sleep is perfectly fitting, and they ramp up the excitement in the seriously fun and bustling Blood Oath.

Closer To Mine shines through lyrically, Rhinoceros is catchy like nothing else, especially in the middle section, and the pairing of One If By Land, Two If By Sea and Longest Moment Yet make for an engaging duo of tracks to cap off with.

As debut album goes, this one ain’t half-bad, littered with an ensemble of enticing songs that can be easily be revisited and enjoyed again and again. The record’s main flaw is that it’s a little on the long side, usually dragging when the material isn’t up to scratch. A trimming of fat would have been ideal here, but as is, it still warrants at least one listen.

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