REVIEW | No Problem – Let God Sort Em Out

No problem

Hailing from Edmonton, No Problem have emerged as an essential act in Canada’s underground hardcore scene over the better part of the last decade, and their latest offering – Let God Sort Em Out – perfectly sums up the status of this quintet.

The titular intro gets the moody juices flowing, before the pairing of Get The Feeling Back and Isolation get the record properly going in energetic fashion. Circling The Drains rides off an insane pace and a wave of screeching guitars, and No Justice No Peace is a major focal point with poignant writing, maybe the best of the entire album.

The tracks continue to get better, with catchy rhythms and aggressive vocals in My Only Escape and especially Say GoodbyeEyes Of A Killer is a potent number with more stand out lyrics, and it’s just a constant stream of manic ferocity with the trio of WarpaintLife and Straight Line.

Patriots Of Jesus Christ is another key highlight that unfortunately ends way too soon, just as it begins to hit a real groove, but the riffs are off the wall in VX Gas and they finish off decently with the twosome of Let It Bleed Part II and Next To Die.

Let God Sort Em Out is a hell of a rush, one that is consistently tight over it’s half hour plus duration. Damn good stuff.

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