REVIEW | Maypine – Bend / Break

Maypine Bend Break Artwork_preview

Hailing from the music-rich city of Brighton, Maypine are looking to start afresh with a new sound and rockier direction, with the key to that being their upcoming EP – Bend / Break.

The chief single Give opens the record in great fashion, thanks to a notable chorus and hooking lyrics on show. They kick it to a higher gear with Kodokushi, which sports a faster pace.

The writing returns to the forefront in Weather, portrayed well through Jase’s capable vocal performance, and finally Together Alone makes for a forceful finish.

Maypine’s hard work and labouring has resulted in what is an engaging EP. There is clearly a tonne of untapped of potential that this quintet are harbouring, and if realised, then this group will be due a lot of success, but only time will tell…

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