REVIEW | IAKO – Queen Of Balance


Originally hailing from Venice and currently based in London, Jacopo Rossetto has naturally been looking to make a name for himself as a musician. Under the moniker of IAKO, he recently presented us with his debut EP – Queen Of Balance.

Coming off a nice intro, we get our first taste of Jacopo’s abilities in Paint. His voice is tender and the track itself is warm and welcoming. Bloodbath is perfectly constructed; the first half is gentle and gripping, and just as the listener is engrossed, it leaps into a grand and spirited second part.

The record’s namesake gives us an excellent showing of graceful pianos, and Vanishing Point is driven by an utterly infectious melody, boosted by the addition of cool guitar chords towards the ending. Finally, the staggering Stones makes for a fervent conclusion.

Queen Of Balance is simply wonderful on all accounts, establishing Jacopo as a tour de force; a more than capable artist whose aptitude deserves to be recognised. He may just be the most promising newcomer of 2018, and I’m thoroughly excited for what he comes up with next.

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