REVIEW | Holy Esque – Television / Sweet


Holy Esque have made a name for themselves as one of Glasgow’s most promising bands, and that sentiment is ever more justified with their brand new album that just hit the shelves – Televison / Sweet.

They fire out the blocks with the magnificent Image Of Man, which drives at a blood-pumping pace. A palatial sound is established and continues to be exercised in I Am The TruthHouse Of Hounds gives us an excellent chorus, and Give Me Your Stillness just revels in its gripping atmosphere; likewise with Belly Full Of Dread, dotted with some cool synth drum shots.

Modern Tones is massive in size, He, Special Electra is very catchy and the captivating harmonies and stunning tones are the highlighting factors of Anxiety. The soft and superlative To The Cage You Go is utterly consuming, Filth Or Passion has a great beat and has more empathetic electronics on display, and they send us off with the stylish title number.

Absolutely amazing. Holy Esque’s latest record is truly something to behold that is more or less flawless in execution and never lacking whatsoever, blowing away their previous efforts out the water with ease.

It’s a breathtaking experience that astounds on the first listen, and the second, and the third, and so on. A serious contender for Scottish album of the year, if not best album of the year period.

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