REVIEW | Grumble Bee – Everything Between


In 2016, Jack Bennett – aka Grumble Bee – caught the attention of many, including myself, with his debut EP, Disconnect, and since then, he has put everybody on notice and continued to emerge as one of the UK’s most prosperous artists. His biggest test to date comes in the form of his highly anticipated sophomore record – Everything Between.

The opening track Red is bloody immense. From Jack’s pitch-perfect vocal performance, to the utterly massive chorus, to the energy it expels, this is nothing short of phenomenal. But it doesn’t stop there, for Heron provides a strong melody and magnetic writing.

Bravest Soul tows with an infectiously hooking rhythm, which is mainly attributed to the slick riffs and forceful drums, and last but not certainly least, Luna Blue excels with emotional harmonies and a gripping beat.

Jack has delivered beyond expectations here with a quartet of songs that are engrossing and astonishing on all fronts. It’s pretty much perfect, and that’s only HALF of the product, for we are also treated to acoustic renditions of Soft Filter, Black And White Picture and Bravest Soul, as well as stripped back piano versions of Francium and Heron, all of which are smashing too.

Jack is a special talent, and it’s about time he gets the mainstream recognition that he has truly earned.

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