REVIEW | Dancing On Tables – Space Race


My introduction to Dancing On Tables came last November when I saw them live supporting 100 Fables at the ABC2, and I was awfully impressed. Fast forward to now, the guys are fresh off releasing their new EP – Space Race – and it’s a good ‘un.

Missing is a nice opener with an easygoing melody to it, and the chorus isn’t too shabby. Body boots up the energy levels, and there’s some spiffing bass chords thrown in for good measure.

Twenty has an engaging beat, the familiar Oh manages to be both warm in its tone as well as catchy, and Symmetrical is a chilled out number to finish on.

Space Race is an excellent follow-up to their previous effort Don’t Stop, more or less topping it in every way. Is it any wonder why Dancing On Tables are getting more popular by the day, both here and across the pond? Definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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