REVIEW | Century Thirteen – Century Thirteen


Glasgow pop punk quartet Century Thirteen have been on the go for a number of years now, having released a pair of EPs in the past and playing a plethora of shows, supporting notable acts such as Fenix TX, Altered Sky and The Bottom Line, among others. But now comes by far their biggest test to date – their self-titled debut full length album.

Get Off affixes the energy from the offset, while the similarly bouncy Is It Just Me sports good lyrics. Blow Up The Open World is joyfully speedy, the rhythm of From This Hell is infectious and Not My Place gives us fine riffs.

Ours is pretty damn heavy by the band’s standards, but very welcome, and that established aggression flows into the stringent The LastA Million Times and What Went Wrong are both solid, but they properly get going again with the catchy Dark Descent.

The orchestral reprise of Get Off makes for something completely different, but it does sound great, and they wrap up with the dynamically rocking Break.

Century Thirteen have upped their game big time, for this record is an excellent one that has truly fleshed out the group’s potential previously not realised. The album’s biggest strength lies within it’s variety; the diverse and constantly evolving sound allows for songs to better stand out from one another. A must-listen, this one is.

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